Organizing Your New Real Estate Business LLC

Organization is key to a successful business. Whether you have a team of one, or a team of 10, it’s crucial to track, manage and record throughout every step of the process. From administrative duties, sales process’, accounting payments, customer relations, and marketing initiatives there is always a need to keep things organized and communication streamlined. Although there are different ways to stay organized - we’ve outlined a few of our top picks that allow us to stay successful.

  1. CRM System [Customer Relationship Management]

This is crucial. A CRM system can be as basic or as broad as you would like it to be. You can have your CRM system be at the forefront of just your sales teams, or you can have it run everything from customer service, email campaigns, marketing, sales, and more. It is endless as most systems have their own version of the ‘App Store’ allowing you to add on plugins that can provide specific tools or resources depending on your needs. Fully customizable, a CRM system can be anything you need it to be. A few top systems to look into for a Real Estate business:

Did we mention that your CRM system comes with robust reporting allowing you to pull any and all reports based on the data you have inputted?

  1. SOPs [Standard Operating Procedures]

Having structure behind your business can streamline each and every process. It allows your business to run exactly how you want it with little room for questioning or error. As you continue to add employees these procedures will make it easy to train and onboard employees without taking an excruciating amount of time out of your busy day. These procedures can guide employees with, how to action a certain task, who to email in certain instances, specific steps to follow for assigned tasks, and more. Look into the day-to-day tasks that require you to stop your day and send an email or contract, these little tasks freed from stopping your day can make a huge difference.

  1. Automation

Leveraging automation is something that most times is an afterthought but can be essential to operating a business. By taking a manual procedure and automating it you are cutting costs, increasing efficiency, and streamline processes. Automate contacting leads, reminding customers of abandoned carts, appointment/call reminders, routine tasks, pulling monthly/quarterly reports, and sending invoices. These are literally just a handful of some of the endless options that are available to you. 

Overall the key to a successful business is finding ways to maximize efficiency while reducing time being spent. Initial setups will take time, and make sure your processes make sense to you and your business will be unique and ever-changing. The end result will provide a streamlined, successful backend.