Top Tips For Naming Your New Business

Naming your brand can be a strenuous task - and quite honestly, shouldn’t be taken lightly! Unless you plan on going through the stress and hassle of re-branding in a couple of years, you should make sure you’ve nailed down the basics. 

Where to start?


This is the perfect way to accumulate ideas, phrases and names. Think about what your business represents, what you want to convey, and if you want to add any personal touches. During this process you can also start to see brand messaging form. Don’t throw away anything! 


Okay, so you found a name that you love. But does someone else own it? Make sure you search Google and Social Media to cross check that you will be able to own your brand name online. Check also for trademarks and state records to make sure you can form an LLC with that name and/or trademark it. 


Have you decided how much of your personal life you want represented in your business? Whether you want to include a family name, or something similar in your business name is up to you. However, with that comes transparency. You will always be the face of the business to an extent and it can be hard to separate that. When choosing a name, it’s important to think of how involved you want to be in the future. 

Still having a hard time deciding on a name? Websites like NameStation, Namium, and even Shopify can help you put together a unique name. Grab your brainstorm list, plug in some keywords, and see what comes out. Take as long as you need for this process. This is the base of your business and everything after this will represent the name - logos, brand messaging, ideation and more.